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Lines of research development and innovation (RDI)

Lines of research are being carried out by the RDI Department of Tomás Guerrero SL company, in colaboration with the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Universidad de Sevilla (Seville).

The principal lines of research are briefly outlined as follows:


1. Design of additives and nutritional supplements with functional activity and biological acquisition processes.

The new adittives and nutritional supplements are being designed with the following characteristics:
  • Acquisition and transformation of natural organic and environmentally friendly sources.
  • Composition with bioactive components, including:
  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • blends of naturally occuring non-synthetic anti-oxidants
  • essential metals, etc.
  • Derivatives from by-products from the Agricultural Industry (olives, cereals, fruit juices, wines)

Development at a technological level

  • Production technology by way of biological systems of the new additives and nutritional supplements.
  • Search for acquisition systems at laboratory level and scaled down from the acquisition processes.

At an environmental level
The company will proceed to reuse and revalue some of the agricultural industry by products which are underutilised at present. These products must be environmentally treated, due to the fact of they are occasionally being produced in large quantities (factories) and owing to its organic composition, they represent a potential contaminant for the environment.

The technologies that will be developed will be completely respectful of the environment since they will not use xenobiotic or toxic reagents, the processes will be carried out in a smooth way that does not generate any contamination: ph neutrals, ambient temperatures, etc




2. Development of raw meat materials and processed food with bio-functional activity.

Once we have obtained the nutritional products from the previous phase, its application is being studied through the acquisition of raw meat materials with functional properties in the poultry sector, with regard to the following two aspects:

A. Technological development of meat products (hamburgers, sausages, etc) with functional properties by the addition of additives.

At a technological level

  • Technology in formulation processes of the different products which take into account: binding process, homogenizing process, blending, etc.
  • Technology for conservation of processed meat products (temperature, freezing, microbio-logy, oxygen, radiations, etc.) and in culinary process (fried food, boiling, etc.) of the active ingredients that are present in the additives.

B. Development of meats modified nutritionally by the way of ingestion of feed with nutritional supplements.

This kind of strategy is directed towards the acquisition of raw Material (meats) enriched with bioactive compounds for both direct consumption and production of processed products.

At a technological level
Technology in formulation processes and manufacturing of functional foods.
Technology for conservation of processed meat products ( temperature, radiations, micro-biology, oxigen, freezing, etc.) and on culinary process (fried food, boiling, etc.) of the active ingredients that are present in the additives.

At a environmental level
Recycling of agricultural industry by-products in new products with a greater added value.

Functional Foods


Some processed meat products have been developed from the chicken meat, which will be enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, specifically of (EPA/DHA).

Maximum nutritional value omega-3 in the market

Tomás Guerrero Omega 3 hamburgers contain more than 30% of the recommended daily intake per portion for an adult with reference to Omega-3 fatty acids and they are enriched with fatty acids (EPA/DHA), that have the greatest functional capacity.

The omega-3 fatty acids are essential due to the organism cannot produce them itself and they are indispensable for its correct work.
The TOMÁS GUERRERO Omega 3 meat products are classified as food rich in in fatty acids Omega-3. EFSA (European Food Safety Agency).


Some processed meat products have been formulated from chicken meat, which will be enriched with vegetable amino acids, specifically with a natural protein source that provides glutamine and arginine, carob bean extracts.

The final product will be functional product, since the addition of these proteins complements the animal protein profile, specifically increasing to types of amino acids with a very important function: arginine and glutamine. THIS STIMULATES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AND ASSIST THE RECOVERY PROCESS FOR ATHLETES AND IN PHYSIOLOGICAL GROWTH STAGES.